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Off to Port Elizabeth

Day 12

Another early morning start and another rainy day. Today we are headed to Durban to catch our short flight to port Elizabeth. We traveled through the area known as Zulu land. More fields of sugar cane, forests of trees for timber, little villages here and there, and a view of the Indian Ocean.

After about a 3 hour drive to the airport, then a 1 hour flight, we arrived in Port Elizabeth (the 4th largest city in South Africa). Our new bus driver Stefan picked us up and he and Chris gave us a little tour of the city before reaching our hotel. What a totally different landscape than where we’ve been for the last 2 weeks. More city-like or suburbs. We stopped and viewed Fort Frederick- I know there’s a bit of history that I should remember from what Chris told us but sorry I really don’t. Will need to google it. 🙂 From there we we walked to the Donkin Reserve and lighthouse. The Donkin reserve is a pyramid shaped monument built by the governor in the 1800s for his wife Elizabeth. Again there’s a touching story behind it must do some research on it to refresh my memory 🙂

After checking in to the hotel, a few of us took a walk along the beach (Indian Ocean!).


Just beautiful! The weather turned out to be a little better than what it was when we left this morning. Still some clouds but there was definitely some sun too. A bit breezy and chilly though. I’d say high 60’s, low 70ish. We stopped along the way for some interesting drinks and an appetizer of calamari before dinner. Mmmm!
This looks a little creepy but it really was good..it was called bushman on the menu but had another name on the receipt 🙂


Dinner tonight was down the street at the Ginger restaurant. Another fabulous meal! I can feel the pounds just piling on! Tomorrow we are having our last game drive through the Pumba reserve so that means another early morning. Oh yeah and we get to do laundry!!!